2.1 Archetype Semi-Detached Dwelling


Perspective of semi-detached housing estate, located in Withington, Manchester. Site chosen is embedded with trees, which acts as a natural privacy division. The semi-detached housing has three floors with the master bedroom on the 2F with a private terrace garden each.

This project aim was to tackle the conventional British archetype. Using a popular form, a semi-detached housing, how can we design an updated scheme that meets 21st century standards? My proposal hopes to achieve a house which interlinks spaces and can be adapted for future usages, whilst also meeting the best environmental conditions. The house is formed through two main parameters: sunlight and the context of the site. The design follows a similar theory to a growing process of a plant, in which all the rooms which require more sunlight naturally reach for the areas with most light. Due to the trees on the site, programmes were moulded around the context and interlinked spaces were used to counter sunlight issues. The symmetry of a semi-detached housing is changed in order to meet environmental standards of the design, showing a 21C approach to the common typology.  


Bringing neighbours together

Gardens are often separated with fences, in order to encourage an integrated community, the GF garden is open to both households, acting as a private park, whilst the roof terrace offers the privacy that is needed for the house owners.

Model iterations of ways which the semi-detached dwelling can interconnect. The models are shaped around the environmental conditions of the site. Trees present are aged, therefore should not be removed, meaning the structure had to adapt to the environment and build itself around the natural elements.

Facade Iteration:The site is surrounded by trees, a rare form in the city, therefore to reflect on the natural elements on the site, the facade can be made from timber panels.  

North West Elevation of semi-detached housing 


1.50 Ground floor plan proposal of semi-detached dwelling, Withington, Manchester

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Dwelling 1 Entrance and Dinning area 

Dwelling 1 Glass corridor to living area. The hallway is made from glass to allow light to access the other dwelling. 

Dwelling 1 Kitchen and Living room interior. Pivot doors open up to communal garden on ground floor.

Dwelling 2 Entrance area to open kitchen and dinning space.

Dwelling 2 Hallway, facing south sun.

Dwelling 2 Living room quarters is a flexible space as it can divide by wooden partition..