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In year 3 I joined the atelier INFRA.SPACE. The atelier uses data research, mapping and spatial analysis to develop architectural proposals, to test possible spatial futures. In BA3, through the lens of Brexit, our scheme was to develop future forms of manufacturing, by understanding how the border will affect industries and the nature of workers and towns between the Northern Ireland border and Republic of Ireland border. 


My scheme for this project is to develop a timber factory which can be self sustained from providing raw materials for the production line, to producing timber products to clients. The project began with the research of Ireland industries and land. Ireland contains a mass amount of greenland, which allows forestry opportunities. Coinciding with this was Ireland's timber industry. This led to the proposal of a timber factory, which produces saplings to encourage forestry, which can also be harvested for timber products. 


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The proposal is located in Enniskillen. This town was chosen because of its location next to the river, which runs across the Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland border. To provide a seamless and low carbon transport method, timber logging became a solution. The scheme is to have harvestable forests along the river, which can then be placed in the river and transported to the site.


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The border did not have any infrastructure in place, therefore building a factory on site would not benefit communities or be convenient for workers to access. Enniskillen was chosen due to its closeness to the river and the community that is build around the town.


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The factory's aim is to promote sustainability through encouraging timber usage. By planting trees, this could also allow a carbon offset to take place, taking in the carbon produced through the sawmill, increasing the factory's sustainability value.


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General arrangements are made through the report on the timber production data. These plans will help me move forward in 3.2, where I will be developing the infrastructure of the factory and the other programmes required to meet the brief of a future factory. 


Factory programmes
Factory programmes

General Arrangements on factory services

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