The Image above is the south perspective of the factory. The logs are being taken in by the river into the first stage of the sawmill process. Above are the timber products being relocated for delivery.

In reflection to the advancing technology and changing world how can we build a factory suited for the future? My scheme is to develop a timber factory which can be self sustained from providing raw materials for the production line, to producing timber products to clients. 

My project began with the research of Ireland industries and land. Ireland contains a mass amount of green land, which allows forestry opportunities. Coinciding with this was Ireland's timber industry. This led to the proposal of a timber factory, which produces saplings to encourage forestry, which can then be harvested for timber products. 


The proposal is located in Enniskillen. This town was chosen because of its location next to the river, which runs across the Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland border. To provide a seamless and low carbon transport method, timber logging became a solution. The scheme is to have harvestable forests along the river, which can then be placed in the river and transported to the site.The factory’s primary purpose is to provide timber products for local clients, however the town chosen has a lot of independent businesses. To promote this the ground floor is made up of small stalls, which allows local entrepreneurs to sell goods as well as promoting factory goods. Situated across the building also has workshops, which aids local carpenters. Whilst testing labs, for forestry development are located on the upper floors. 


Factories often portray an environmentally unconscious image. To counteract this my scheme hopes to generate a carbon offset for the factory through the increase in forestry plants on site and across Ireland, whilst also providing a circular economy for the factory. The design reflects on a future factory, as it can grow and make impacts to the environment.


The collection of images are a some of the design iterations of the factory. 


Iterations of material facade study: I decided to use timber cladding as my main materiality  to reflect on the factory's purpose. It also creates a connection with the site, as trees are veiled around the building.

To Design for a future factory other programmes need to be serviced in. To accompany local business, pop up stores are available and workshops are present inside the building to encourage lost carpentry work. In reflection to the forestry farming, nursery labs are available on the top floors, which can have access to more natural light.


Perspective coming from the south site across the river Erne.

Entrance from north site. The green wall signifies the entrance, whilst the glazing opens up the entrance space.

Axonometric of building, exploding floors, structure and skin.

Timber Factory: Sawmill production and forestry farming, located in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland.

Future forest: The image suggests how the building could develop in the future. Floors can increase, making room for sapling testing before moving onto a bigger site. The vision is to have a sky forest, a factory which can produce timber products and trees, to encourage timber usage throughout Ireland. The more trees produced the higher carbon offset can be reached. 

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