Restaurant, Bromsgrove

Entrance design of the front house of restaurant. Using jaded green colour and a timber motif frame reflecting on the Chinese  culture

Other than architecture, I have a strong interest in interior design. In my second year I worked on a project, redesigning a restaurant space. The client brought a cafe and wanted to develop it into a chinese restaurant. In this project I worked with feng shui masters to correctly place furniture and apply colour in areas which were deemed more lucky and prosperous. Images how the initial renders and final design in comparison. 


The restaurant is currently located in Bromsgrove.

White proposed design. Due to the small space of the restaurant,  to open it up white was used, as it generates a cleaner and brighter space. 

The client wanted more Chinese motifs into the design, therefore green was used, as it symbolizes luck and wealth. 

After Feng Sui analysis, blue was deemed to be a lucky colour for the client, therefore the theme changed, keeping the timber frames.

Final images of the completed restaurant. 

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