BA3 Technologies Unit



Perspective showing the facade of the proposed office design, situated in Saudi Arabia 

In our technologies unit we were given the task to design an office unit, in extreme climate conditions. My project is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where the climate is extremely hot and dry. The building design had to address how to keep the building cool and well ventilated without using too much energy. Also the site is located in an area where the south is blocked by a building, therefore south sun is limited. To tackle these issues on climate, my building adopted a double façade system, using a ventilation corridor to circulate hot air and cold air in and out. To optimise natural sunlight, the light well in the centre has light shelves, which allows light to reach into the internal space. However, to tackle overheating from too much light, operable louvres are attached on the façade, to create shadows in internal space. The light well also acts as a ventilation chimney to increase hot air going out and cool air coming in. For materiality concrete is chosen as the main structure, this is because of its ability to retain energy, therefore it can keep cool air inside the building longer. The timber louvres help bring back the natural elements of the nearby green spaces on the site. By using concrete as the primary material, creates a simple, monolithic appearance, suitable for any office space.  To further decrease usage of energy solar panels are added on the roof terrace, to generate power for the building. The office design is a flexible open floor plan, increasing its net-value. The encouragement of natural lighting generates a healthy environment for users to work in.

intergrative enviromental design.jpg

Axonometric drawing of office with typical floor plan and ground floor and section.

enviromental analysis.jpg

Integrative environmental analysis of sunlight in office space

cooling strategies.jpg

Due to the hot climate, the building's key element is to keep cool and increase ventilation.

iso detail.jpg

Detail study of the double facade and louvres 

Technologies office detail.jpg
Office interior.jpg

Interior perspectives of typical office floor plan, with exposed concrete to improve cooling and louvres to adjust shading.

office interior 2.jpg

1.5 model study of louvres and its reaction to light study, with a developed 1.20 technical envelope study.